Osiris Educational was established in 1996 to improve the life chances of children by providing professional learning opportunities to empower teachers to raise the quality of teaching and learning in their schools. The focus of this work is on using professional development to increase the ability of:

• learners to learn
• teachers to teach
• leaders to lead
• whole schools to increase their learning progression
• school systems to increase their impact

Our unstinting focus is on providing quality and impact through:

• career-long professional learning models
• conferences
• improvement programmes

We work directly with many of the world’s leading educational professors, including Professor John Hattie, Professor Carol Dweck, Professor Andy Hargreaves, Professor Barry Hymer, Professor Dylan Wiliam, Professor Guy Claxton, Professor Mick Waters and Professor Viviane Robinson. This ensures all our work is evidence based. All our educational programmes have been proven to ensure both quality and classroom improvement.

In order to improve educational outcomes for children in Scotland, our programmes have been designed to ensure they help all children to develop the range of skills, knowledge and attributes they will need to succeed in learning, life and work.

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